Creating the World's
Best Vodka

We decided to go against the grain – literally. We found the secret in our own backyard – utilising over 100 years of Australian wine craftsmanship, using the finest South Australian Grapes.

This gives Vodka+ a distinctive taste profile that will enhance any vodka mixer and turn even the toughest of vodka critics.

A vodka is only as good as its water source, so we headed to the southernmost tip of the continent, close to the Antarctic, where the Roaring Forties drive the cleanest air into the region and the skies downpour pure clear rainwater. A water so pure it simply had to be captured!

Our team of master blenders utilise century old techniques.
Slowly, over several weeks, all impurities are filtered through a synthesis charcoal; enhancing the cleanliness of the vodka. A unique 18 step distilling process ensures nothing less than the highest quality and purity. Simply perfection.

During this process we leave a subtle hint of Australian lemon myrtle botanical, to ensure a smooth, creamy citrus note in the final drink. Vodka+ offers a sweet, cool flavour and rich body that enhances any beverage it’s mixed with. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks.

Vodka is typically accepted to have a slight burn, to be odourless and flavourless. This is old school thinking and a concept we wanted to move past.

From the vineyards to your glass, it’s the luxury vodka that needs to be experienced to be believed – and one to make Australia proud.
Gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and with no chemical additives – a cut above.